Scream. Aim. Fire.

I guess this is the last blog post here. I’ll miss Storytelling. It’s like D-best module ever. This is my first Saturday that I’m staying home the whole day. But then again, I wouldn’t mind going to some bike shop or get some sheesha. No, I must stay home. No, I will not go out. I really need a day to myself but I’m always tempted to go out. Anyway, this being the last blog post, what shall I blog about?


According to Wikipedia, Firefighting is the act of extinguishing destructive fires. A firefighter fights these fires to prevent destruction of life, property and the environment. Firefighting is a highly technical profession which requires years of training and education in order to become proficient.

Haha. I still remember the day a fire engine drove past me. I was awed by its redness and the fireman driving and another in the passenger seat. I did not take my eyes off the beautiful fire engine till it left my sight completely. From that day onwards, I was inspired to be a firefighter.

Hahahaha. And it’s not like cause I saw a firefighter save an old woman from a building or something. Well people have different stories. Ohoh I also remember in secondary three, some firefighters came to my school and set up a booth. They even let us try our skills at extinguishing fires! How cool is that. And one of the fireman kept walking over to my booth. He kept looking at me too HAHA. How cute. Oh don’t ask about my booth. A lame invention that actually got pretty far. I make lame things achieve greater heights heh.

Ohh and the uniform. Hotness. Even if the man in it is ugly, it just gives him a boost of hotness. And the time one of the apartments near my house caught fire and I HAPPENED TO BE THERE. I mean, the apartment that caught fire was a few blocks away. I stood (being one of the spectators haha) eyes wide and mouth gapped open watching those fire people do their stuff. 

I want to be a firefighter! A fire & rescue specialist. It’s tough though I know.

And would you look at this:


“To be a FRS, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Singaporean or Permanent Resident of Singapore
  • 5 GCE ‘O’ level credits, GCE ‘A’ level, ITC / CBS or Polytechnic Diploma holder
  • Not colour blind. If shortsighted, lower than 500 degrees per eye. 
  • Physically fit. Male applicants must be PES A or B. 
  • Minimum height for males and females is 1.6m. 
  • Minimum weight for males and females is 50kg. 
  • Minimum Pass standard for NAPFA or IPPT is required.”
Haha I wonder how tall I am now.
Wow, respect!
Oh and there’s math and science too. Omfg. Oh well. When you really want something.
Haha double u tee eff.
How sexy is that??!!!
And look at the one I took in Singaporex.
Anyway, I’m saving up for my DSLR. So pity me while you see me go into starvation. Anyone else want to join me in my anorexic period of time in my life?



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I am stressed. Very, very stressed. My head hurts right now but I have to do 2 posts. I stayed up late last night doing my photography assignment. It’s real tedious I tell you. I was so, so tired but couldn’t sleep so I forced myself to stay awake only to collapse on the bed and wake up to the sound of my phone ringing the next day. Totally didn’t hear my THREE alarms. Only when Faz called me I woke up. And it was so sudden too, the way I woke up. My head hurt real bad. I didn’t want to go to school today but had to just to hand in my photography assignment. I mean, it’s better to hand in as soon as possible. Besides, I’d probably forget the very next day and end up handing in the next lesson instead (which then, I would be so screwed).

I feel like I have so many things to do which I do… !

Anyway, Ellis, Faz, Trina and I went to Pasir Ris last Sunday. I only met them during dinner though, their dinner that is ha ha. After which, we walked from Pasir Ris to Tampines. The main objective of the day was to take pictures for our photography assignment. But yeah, it’s kind of hard to take pictures in the dark.

Like that, and then there’s the people.

And again.

Okay goodbye. I’m going to write the second post now.

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Stinging Auburn

I am in the process of colouring my hair, supposedly bright auburn which of course won’t turn out as bright auburn. Plus, my sister wouldn’t do it for me so I did it myself and there is a high possibility that it would turn out uneven. Otherwise, a disaster. I have 21 more minutes before I have to go wash off this stinging stiff dye. 

Faz fell down today as you can see. Hahaha. Real amusing I tell you. 


Seva was all motherly to him. Aw.

After school ended, I went to meet DZ. She gave me a treat at Swensens’ as a belated birthday present. I had the chocolate malt ice-cream and she, sticky chewy chocolate ice-cream. I was not satisfied with the service at Parkway Parade’s Swensens’. They were slow and inefficient. Well DZ and I had a good time anyway. We caught up and laughed at the most trivial things, or rather just me hmm. Oh and before that, it was my first time taking bus number 151 and it was pretty cool for a public bus. The seats were… different and the bus played music!


I also saw a cat with the greenest eye I’ve ever seen!

Okay it’s 12:58 AM now and I’m bathed and the dye was a waste of money and so I’m even way more broke now. Like seriously. And so starving is good. It feels good. Hah. I haven’t done my Art but it’s not like I care. I don’t even fancy doing it. Geometrical. Ew.

Anyway there was a big bee in my house a couple of days ago. How amusing.

That’s big alright.

And I love Hellogoodbye as most of you would know that already. Forrest is hot, but too bad he’s got Chelsea already heh. Yeah she’s hot.

Is that cute or what. I melt when I look at him.

Melt, melt, melt. Anthony Green and Forrest Kline. Only two so far. My love is true, it’s a matter of fact. Rightt.

Omg I’m gonna wake up in 5 hours or so. 1:12 AM already and I’m rambling aren’t it. Good thing I bathed already so I don’t have to bathe when I wake up at approximately 5:45 AM (haha). Need to get bike license!



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Killing Time

I’m sitting on the marble floor, which somehow doesn’t feel so cold and hard. Maybe that’s because I’m feeling cold and hard now. Numb. It happens every Saturday. Well not every Saturday. But the last Saturday and today. I don’t know why I’m posting about this but it’s not like I have anything else to post about. Definitely not about my birthday because no, I am not looking forward to my birthday. In fact I dread it so much I don’t want to go school or stay home. I just want to be on my own, which I am planning to.

I’m not ready to turn 17. I still feel (oh shit can the tears just stop it) so messed-up. About everything. Every single aspect of life. Family, friends, relationships, personal, school and all there is. I know it’s normal for a teenager to feel this way but I think it’s been way too long now. I want to turn 27 instead and be living on my own, all alone only with animals feeling happy and content with what I have. I want a simple life. A happy yet simple life. I don’t want to be fighting with my mom every other day like it’s a cycle. I don’t want my dad to be telling my mom to shut the fuck up. I don’t want my sister to scold me, blaming everything on me. I don’t want to be crying every time it happens.

I don’t know why people look at me and think that I lead a happy life with the most perfect family. I don’t have that ‘look’ at all. So what is their problem? I was hoping that 2008 would be better, starting poly and all but though it slightly has been, it hasn’t been either. 

I mean secondary school was definitely a hard time for me. I almost didn’t sit for O Levels. No one knew about anything except for three people in my school which are teachers and this one boy whom I thought was going to be my soulmate (whatever). I still remember the day I broke down and spilled everything to my Literature teacher. And the day after that, months after that, and all that happened.

Someone’s knocking on the door (fucking door which NOW/RECENTLY can’t be locked thanks to you-know-who) and no I am not going to answer it.

And it just opened by itself. Mumble, mumble, door closes.


Okay I no longer know what I’m posting about. I digress a lot, my words are all jumbled, but that’s just the way I am. I don’t care about WritComm and it making my English all proper. I don’t even know what I want to do with my life.

I miss my grandmas. Both of them. I no longer know my mom or my real friends anymore. Sometimes I wish I had a twin sister who I can share everything with. Well I don’t so I thought a cat would do just fine and now he’s gone. Why do people keep doing that? Seriously.

I can’t believe I just blogged all this, plus it’s on this blog and not even my LJ. Ah what the hell I don’t even blog on my LJ anymore because I don’t bother to. Might as well blog here, pour out the bile in me and get a post done for class.

Screw life, and screw you if you’re a happy person. I despise happy people. Happy people despise me. Oh yeah, I’m like so emo. Hah.

I really miss Othello. I have no one now. No one to spend my special day with. I don’t even think it’s special anymore. It’s only going to be the seventeenth and I’m getting tired of them already.

Oh anyway, cheers to Shaun, Ellis and Trina. And Minah beside me now, all the while Othello’s been gone.



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Comeback Kid

My body is actually aching, arms and neck and where else. And the right cheek of my butt hurts too woo. I’m sure you people know when, where I went for Comeback Kid. It was worth (insert phrase yourself). Went with my girlfriends there and met up with our other friends there. Haha Azri rushed from NS with his almost bald head. Yeah I agree with you, NS sucks.

We went in round half past five and the local bands kicked things off. Overthrown, The Jabs, Forgive and Subtle Revenge played. Awesome local hardcore bands. My sister and her friend came later but only to sell their CBK tickets at 35$. Aw. Well we bought their shirts and my sister brought it to the chalet and home first. Really cool shit. I love the red shirt.

When Comeback Kid got on stage, obviously everyone went mad. Those who were sitting around waiting for CBK to start playing all joined the crowd (duh). Oh god, it was insane. In a damn well good way. The mosh pit was awesome. Mostly boys there but the minority of girls joined in anyway. Too good to resist. The wall of death was… yeah. Haha. If you know what I mean. Firdous and I moshed and went mad. Especially when they sang/played my/our favourite songs. Practically everyone sang along and hardcore danced. I love watching the boys hardcore dance. Hot. Lotsa people body surfed, and the same people kept body surfing heh. Firdous did too but I just helped to carry their weight. It was all positive hardcore that night. In fact, I think the people in the hardcore scene are much nicer than those in err pop or whatever mainstream shit.

Come to think of it, it’s always the ‘scary-looking’ people who turn out to be the nicer ones and whom will never stab your fucking back.

Anyway, the gig, we were pretty exhausted but kept asking for them to play more. So, so good. It’s hard to put it all in words. I’d love to describe all the nitty gritty details but I’m a person who doesn’t like to describe mmm. So yeah, enjoyed their old and new songs, moshed like there’s no tomorrow and took pictures with them and got their autographs. I got Andrew to sign my Ipod since he was holding a red marker yeahh. Love the guys.

Oh there was one part where I got too carried away and everyone was pushing so I fell flat on my butt but of course I got up in a split second. Hence, why my butt hurts. Haha good stuff. This part isn’t necessary is it.

Here’s one of the videos captured:

And check these out if you haven’t seen it already:

But then of course, this would be the biggest circle pit…

Righttt. Heh. And lastly pictures:

There’s more, maybe I will add later, or sometime I don’t know when if I still bother to which I don’t think I would or maybe I just might.

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Othello Meets Minah

Nothing interesting has happened last week. I dislike writing expositions. Narrative is way better, and more interesting don’t you think? So I thought, the most interesting thing would be the day when my cat client, Maria drops off her cat at my place. Cat-sitting business I tell ya. Unfortunately (as usual), there were some complications. D-day was dragged from Monday to, well today.

I am superbly tired right now. Oh well. After class ended today, I had to go meet up with my CATS module group to discuss on our group assignment. Throughout, I was pretty much distracted by calls and text messages about the cat and its client, and also about Friday. Heh.

But anyway, I rushed straight home after and finally met Minah the cat. Haha what a name she has. Oh Maria didn’t drop off the cat anyway. It was her sister Anna. Plus, I wasn’t home yet when Anna arrived with the cat so didn’t get to meet the owners. Just Minah herself.

Minah was sitting quietly under the arm chair in the living room. She purred when I stroked her. What a well-behaved cat unlike Othello, my partner in bed. But then again, I’d prefer active cats anytime. I love Othello, my best friend and everything (-:

Minah and Othello haven’t met each other yet when I got home. Apparently, Minah had to be separated from Othello (who is right behind me on the bed now while I’m typing this away). And being me, of course I just had to introduce them to each other! I carried Minah into my room, no struggling or anything. Othello knowingly followed us into my room. Minah then crawled under my bed. And there Othello sat watching Minah, and Minah watching Othello. I was afraid that they would start fighting or anything so I lied down on the cold, hard marble floor to watch them. My god, they can really stare at each other for so long. I fell asleep for a few minutes lying on the floor. I am just so shagged. But woke up after the catnap (haha) and went to have a quick shower.

Othello is really cute. He waits for me just outside of the bathroom door on the mat while I bathe. And when I open the front door after being out for long, he’s there to greet me with his sweetest and most heart-melting purrs. He’s still on the bed with me now, while Minah is still under my bed. I haven’t taken any pictures of Minah yet but I shall post some pictures of Othello.

Othello and Scott, my partners in bed

First 3 pictures copyrighted by yours truly. And in this last picture (by Nisa), that’s Odie and I. Not Othello. Odie’s my friend’s (Shahryl) big, fat cat with a squashed up face. Heh.

Okay till next time, goodnight.

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Hello world!

This is a blog for my Storytelling module class (-:

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